Dear Friends,

I wanted to keep you abreast of the latest developments as we approach Sunday evening, December 6, the night we fly from Israel to Nigeria. You have invested so much into the effort and I want to give you every opportunity to stay connected even as we GO. Thank God and you our partners that every penny has come in for this outreach. We have never seen such an outpouring of financial support and it only underscores that God has knit this vision to your hearts as well as ours. He is excited, I believe, to see the Gospel go forth from Israel.

From Israel to Africa

Our goal is to send out daily reports from Gombi as well as updates on Facebook through the Messiah’s Mandate Official page. You can join it here: However, Internet connections are sometimes difficult to establish in Gombi. We will do our best.

We will also seek to update the blog on the website each day, again, Internet connection permitting.

We have a well-trained video team coming from the Kings School of Media in Jerusalem as well as a team member who is a photographer. We will seek to edit the video as quickly as we can to post a post-outreach video on the Internet as well as all the pictures.

I just spoke with Pastor Mike this morning. He keeps telling me of the high expectation of the people. He has been in Gombi working hard since Friday. They will be coming not only from Gombi, but also the surrounding towns and villages like Hong and Song.

Yesterday Eli, one of our young adult leaders, drove his scooter to the Nigerian Embassy in Tel Aviv to drop off our 16 visa applications. Kennedy, the Nigerian diplomat in charge of visas called me this afternoon to tell me they are ready. A twenty-four hour turn around on visas is amazing.
I also received a phone call from the leader of Jerusalem-based discipleship school, asking if we can handle to two more Israelis for the outreach. We are checking to see if this is possible (visas, airfare, immunizations!). Please pray for God’s will to be done. While we are so privileged to take the Gospel to the precious people of Gombi, our goal is to take with us as many Israelis as possible so they can also be transformed by the power of the Gospel, even as they minister it. We would love two more!

Dear friends, we really need you prayers now. I can imagine that the enemy is none too happy about this outreach. This is war. The good news is that through prayer we have authority to release God’s power, protection and anointing.

  • Pray for protection for each member of our team.
  • Pray for God’s angels to be ACTIVE in our lives and the ministry.
  • Pray that the Gospel goes forth from our team of Israeli preachers.
  • Pray for Miracles, Signs and Wonders for the people of Gombi.
  • Pray that our technical team for video and sound would not be hindered in any way.
  • Pray for the protection and blessing of all the pastors and leaders in Gombi.
  • Pray against any dust storms that would keep us from flying within Nigeria. Wars have been won and lost based on weather! Please take this prayer request seriously.

More to come! Hallelujah!

To the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8),

Ron Cantor