The Chilldren of Gombi, from our August visitor

At the last minute we were able to add two more Israeli young adults to our team that now numbers 18. In Hebrew, 18 is a good number. It is comprised of two letters, “yod” and “chet”. When you put them together like this, חי, it spells LIFE! Jewish people will give donations in multiples of 18 because of this. Well, we now have a group of LIFE! When they asked to come at the last minute I was quite sure that it was too late to get vaccines—or at least vaccines that would take effect in time—but the nurse who gave them their shots said that they came on the last possible day that they could have!

In less than a week we will land in Abuja, Nigeria. In exactly one week we will be driving from Yola to Gombi preparing for the Gospel campaign. This morning I will be taking the last two visa applications to the Nigerian Embassy. The Lord has given us tremendous favor there. On Saturday one of our leaders, Eli, was invited to speak at a church of internationals about the Isaiah 2 Initiative. I came there to support him and was able to meet several people in the Nigerian Embassy who are beleivers. They are very excited about this effort.

Then in the afternoon I will be picking up Pastor Ed Crenshaw from the airport. Pastor Ed and his church outside of Philadelphia have been supporters of the Isaiah 2 Initiative and he is actually coming with us to Gombi.

We covet your prayers!!! Please partner with us though prayer.

To the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8),