The First Outreach!

I am just getting back now from our first meeting. I never used a number higher than 20,000 to say how many people we expected. I have never given a number higher than that, and I always wondered even close to that amount would come. I trusted my friend Mike Moses, but there were some doubts in the back of my mind. Would we really have the privilege of preaching the good news of Yeshua to that many people? Think of the rejoicing in heaven when thousands of sinners find Yeshua!

The official estimate of tonight’s meeting was 25,000 people! And it is just the first night!!! That number should grow each day. There is no telling how many people received the Lord at this point but every hand I could see went in the air. Ushers sought to get as many names as possible. CfaN, the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke, donated thousands of little books about the first steps for the new believer. Inside is a response form that ushers used to get names and addresses. We have a Chairman of Follow Up who has organized follow up in dozens of local churches in Gombi and the surrounding cities.

After the call for salvation and the information was collected, I came back and spoke of the power of God to heal. I blew the shofar as I have never had blown it before. It was simply the clearest sound I have ever gotten from the shofar. A woman came up and said she had cancer and that when the shofar sounded she felt a bolt in the place where she had cancer and now all the pain was gone left in that area. Her face gleamed as she testified. Another man testified that he could not put much pressure on his left leg because of a condition. But there he was bouncing around on stage like a child.

Those were victories. We had some challenges as well. First the sound system was not working well. The sound went silent several times. It was never too bad to break the flow, but it was a distraction. Secondly the light was so poor that it was hard for those who had been healed to have the courage to try and make it the front. And the organizers roped off an area the size of a small soccer field between me and the people. Coupled with the lack of lighting, I felt like I was preaching to a field. Furthermore, people were nervous to cross the field to come and testify. Therefore, while we were thrilled to hear from those who came forward, the number was much lower than we had hoped. I am convinced there were many more, but could not get the front. Tonight, the ‘field’ has been removed and hopefully the lighting will be better. Either way, the gospel went forth and thousands responded! And tonight it will go firth again.

The team is focused. We meet each morning and evening for prayer, testimony and debriefing. Remember, the Isaiah 2 Initiative is about these young Israelis as much as it is about the Nigerians were are reaching. Please keep us prayer. Pray for all technical problems to be overcome. Pray for an outpouring of power. Bless you all!

To the ends of the earth!