Hallelujah! I have a little time to write because I am up an hour early this morning. My phone alarm was still set on Israeli time and only after shower and coffee did I realize it. That is okay…it gives me a moment to share with you.

Last night was awesome—completely different from the first night. From the moment we exited the car and walked on the stage you new it was different. You knew there had been a breakthrough in the Spirit. From a technical point of view, the massive field between the people and me was gone. Now I could see the faces of hundreds, even thousands of hungry Nigerians. Secondly, the lighting system was working. And thirdly, with the help of one of our team members, Jamie Hilsden, the sound was much better.

While all those things are technical, they made a huge difference in the spirit. But before I share about the meeting, let me share about a few things that led up to the meeting.

Meeting the congressman
Congressman Emmanuel Bello, who represents Gombi in the Nigerian Congress heard about the campaign. He is a strong and passionate believer—a big man with bold witness. He came home from Abuja just to be at the campaign. We met privately where he shared his heart with me and we prayed together. He greeted the team and sat next to me on the platform. This man desperately wants to see God move in Nigeria.

Gombi Israel connection
Congressman Bello told me that just a few days ago he received an invitation from Benjamin Netanyahu to visit Israel. It was quite amazing because he is only one of over 300 congressman and he is not so well known. And yet, the congressman from Gombi, where an Israeli team of believers is hosting a New Testament outreach, something I am quite sure the Prime Minister of Israel did not factor in, has been invited for an official state visit to Israel to strengthen relations between the country.

There can be no doubt that this prophetic. Gombi is in the middle of nowhere. The choice of this man is an affirmation of what God is doing here this week. He assured us that he will testify to Prime Minister Netanyahu about the Messianic Jews who preached the good news of Yeshua in Gombi!

Witchcraft and Christianity
On the way to the meeting the congressman shared with me that Gombi is 90% Christian and that there is a conspiracy to move Muslims into the region to affect the balance of power. Of course I wondered, if this region is 90% Christian, why are we here? We came to reach the lost.

He explained that most of them are not born again, just cultural Christians, like so many in the Bible Belt, where I grew up. He told me that while they confess to be Christians they still practice witchcraft and superstitions. This was interesting because I was preparing my message, the Lord kept leading me to verses where Yeshua demanded 100% commitment.

In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple. (Luke 14:33)

Jesus replied, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62)

My messages was: He Opens Prison Doors. I knew then that the Lord had led me to these passages and I had to make it clear, they can be no mixture. You can serve the Lord and Baal. Witchcraft and Yeshua do not mix! Tonight we will challenge the people to bring all of their occultic and witchcraft paraphernalia to the meeting tomorrow and we will burn them!

I also asked the congressman if Muslims would come to the campaign. He said that they would not resist the ministry, but they would not come. I was discouraged. I love to see Muslims find freedom in Yeshua. They, like Jewish believers, who have counted the cost, make great evangelists! However, when we pulled into the campaign grounds, he immediately said, “Wow, There are many Muslims here! Many muslims!”

Yes! God was bringing out the Muslims. Many of them come, not to hear the truth, but because they need a miracle. (Apparently Allah doesn’t offer them through the ministry of the Imams and Sheiks.) As crazy as that sounds, they believe that the miracles are real, and many times they are healed of various diseases, but still don’t confess the truth. I hope that will not be the case here. Let their eyes be opened!

When we arrived to the stage the atmosphere was different, as I said. It was electric. Expectation was in the air and we all felt it. I preached a bold call to come out of the prison. “It cost God an awful price to set you free, why stay in the prison? He had to watch his only Son be beaten over and over again and then killed. How can you wait any longer?” When the invitation was given, Luke, one of our cameramen who was sitting high above the crord on a camera stand, said it was awesome to see hands going all over the massive crowd.

Mike Moses says the crowd tonight was larger than the first night, which means more than 25,000. The official estimate was 34,000, but I am not completely sure it was that high and may have been quite a bit less, but what I am sure of is that many thousands of people heard the message and responded.

The healings
After that we prayed for healing. Several people came to the front to testify. One woman who had back pain and was seeing spots in her eyes, came said she was completely healed. Another women who had tremendous pain in one of her legs was jumping up and down. Others came and said that they were healed on the first night but didn’t know it until they got home. A woman shared that she normally had awful pain sleeping but last night she sleep like a baby.

One young man said that he had leg pain in his right leg for three years. During the prayer last night his leg began to pop. This went on throughout the night. When the popping sound finally stopped, his leg was healed. It was as if instead of instantaneously healing him, the Lord did a fast acting surgery! I blessed him and instead of walking down the steps like everyone else, he leaped off the 5 foot high stage!

Another woman who could not rotate her arm for a long time said God healed her. “Show me” I said. She began to wildly swing her arm like a windmill as the crowd rejoiced in the Lord. Another man who had been paralyzed was prayed for by one of our team (I don’t know the extent to which he was paralyzed), but the more they prayed the more movement he received. By the end of the night he still had some paralysis in his arm, but that was it. A woman brought her baby to be healed who had swelled up and was sick. She brought him on stage perfectly normal.

God did so much more, but those were the highlights. The team returned to the lodge overjoyed! We are only two days into it. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR US!!! WE ARE LOOKING FOR DEEPER BREAKTHROUGHS. One of our young men from Israel, Eli, will be preaching for 10 minutes tonight, with the goal of having him take the whole service tomorrow. Please keep him in prayer. Our goal is to see more and more of them released into ministry. Freddie Intrater, one of the assistant leaders of the trip taught this morning. We are doing morning meetings for those in ministry. His message led into an extended time of prayer. At one point his interpreter was so moved he just began to pray himself with authority over Nigeria and Gombi. It was really special.

Tonight we continue reaping the harvest here. Thank you for your partnership. Bless you all!

To the ends of the earth!