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Dear Friends,

Eli Birnbaum, one of the assistant leaders, shared about the significance of the third day to the estimated crowd of 38,000 people as we opened up the third night of the campaign. Moses told the children of Israel get ready for the third day when the Lord would reveal Himself on Sinai (Ex. 19). It was on the third day that resurrection life pulled Yeshua from the grave.

This third night was no different in Gombi! The Lord came in New Covenant power. Each day has been so much more powerful than the previous one. While the healings we had seen up until now were exciting, I knew there was more. I told the Lord in my hotel room before the meeting how I longed to see it go deeper. I hate to see these precious people suffer. He answered my prayer.

As we arrived, Pastor Mike told me that there was someone for whom I needed to pray. He took me to a building behind the campaign stage. I knew the building was there because it is where the only bathroom was. For some reason though, I thought it was just that area. I didn’t realize that it led to other rooms. There was no electricity so we had to use flashlights as we entered. I felt like I had entered the catacombs or a leper colony. The building just kept going back from room to room, some with a roof, others in the open air. People had been living there for days, bringing their own food and supplies. They could not afford to go home and come back to the campaign, so they just moved in. It was very moving.

When I returned to the stage I introduced Eli Birnbaum as an Israeli evangelist and he shared for about ten minutes. He fired up the crowd and they were so excited to hear from a young minster from Israel. Tonight he will take the entire message. This is what the Isaiah 2 Initiative is all about; not merely to bring these people across Africa to listen to me preach, but to allow these young men and women to be released into ministry. And besides that, my voice is nearly gone. Before he preaches tonight, Liat, one of the Israeli sisters, will share for ten minutes. She has a strong gift of exhortation.

Last night I preached a message called Religion vs. Reality. I was aiming for those who were raised in Christian environments, but had never been born again. I shared that God has no grandchildren. You can’t get to heaven on your parents coattails. You must come alone to the savior.

Once again at the altar called every one of the 38,000 gathered raised their hands, or at least as far as I could see. It is hard to help the believers understand that they don’t have to raise their hand at every call, but still we know that a large portion of the crowd did not know the Lord. At a minimum thousands were coming to faith.

After we gathered information we prayed for the sick. Once again we blew the shofar and challenged the people to shout to the Lord. This time the shout was different. I shared from Numbers 23:21, “No misfortune is seen in Jacob, no misery observed in Israel.  The LORD their God is with them; the shout of the King is among them.”

In Hebrew the word for shout, teruah, is the same word as shofar blast. The King is shouting over them, blasting the shofar at the enemy. When we blew the shofar, Luke from Tel Aviv, shared that the shout was amazing. He was standing high above everyone on a video stand. He could see and hear the entire crowd shout, and shout and continue to shout. From there we called out all kinds of sicknesses and diseases.

Afterwards people came to the front to share their stories.

  • The first woman to come and testify had been partially blind for three years and God completely healed her vision.
  • Another man said for the last year his eyesight had become so bad he could not make out the person in front of him. Now he could see clearly.
  • A women came forward and said that she had high blood pressure and diabetes for some time. She would get horrible headaches like a vise around her head. She came to the campaign on the first night and nothing happened. She went home and had a dream in the night. In the dream I was with her. I gave her a book and asked her to get her husband. I called her back several times and on the third time I said, “Let’s pray.” As I prayed for her, in the dream, a liquid began to come forth from her nose. Bodily discharges like this are often a physical sign of demonic powers leaving. Discharges in general are the body getting rid of that which is unclean. It is the same in the spirit. When she awoke she was still in pain. But she knew the Lord would heal her.  Then last night during the pray time God completely healed her. The vise was released and she beamed with joy.
  • A little girl had been suffering regular convulsions that would make her throw up. Since Thursday she has been free. Her name is Elizabeth and she testified before the entire crowd.
  • A man who had not been able to swallow for three weeks from an operation was able to eat solid food after prayer.
  • A young lady that would wake up every morning cold and sick and have to take medicine testified that for the first time in a long time she woke feeling so good and warm that she took a cold shower. Normally by midmorning everyday she would need to take medicine for the pain. Today she didn’t need to.

There were many more, and even more that we don’t yet know about. Please keep praying. PRAY SUPPORT IS ESSENTIAL! Pray for Eli tonight, as this young Israeli man preaches the good news of Yeshua the Messiah in Gombi.