Eli Birnbaum, a young Israeli Evangelist, preaches on our final day of the Fire Conference

(Dear Friends, We are all back from Africa. I will keep sending out reports by day. Here is our report on the fourth night of the outreach.)

This morning was amazing. This was the last day of our “Fire Conference,” a name pastor Mike borrowed from Reinhard Bonnke for our morning meetings, but friends, it was not just the name that was there this morning, there was fire! Each morning, for three days, we have hosted these meetings on the campaign grounds for church workers. The goal is to stir their faith and equip them for ministry. Each morning there is about 1,500 people there.

We told the people that this would be an anointing service. Eli preached and then I did. My message was on the purpose of the immersion in the Holy Spirit. Then our whole team went out into the crowd to pray for people.

It was crazy, but awesome. I had four security guards to keep me from getting crushed and there is no question I would have been. Everyone wanted prayer. If I didn’t understand Luke 8:42 before, I sure do now.

As Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed him.

Desperate people will do desperate things. The presence of God was evident. As some went down in the spirit it was amazing to me that they were not crushed.

One such woman was prayed for and hit the ground. She was not a believer. When she came to, she didn’t know how she got to the ground or why she was crying. All she noticed was that she was praying in a strange language! And she was healed of her infirmity (it is 11PM and I am so tired, I can’t remember what she was healed of). I asked her if she has been born again and she said, “I am now!”

(It is now Tuesday and we are flying home. Since that day we have heard report after report of people who were healed or set free during this time. Even teens on our team were laying hands on people and they were getting zapped by the Holy Spirit. My daughter Danielle was more in shock than the people she prayed for as they went down in the Spirit!)

The Night Meeting
Tonight started rough. Pastor Mike expected a smaller crowd because Saturday night in this type of campaign is usually smaller, as people need to get back to their villages for church on Sunday morning. Many who are not from Gombi have been sleeping on the campaign grounds for days. When we arrived it did seem considerably smaller. However it quickly grew to a number that surprised Him. The official number was 28,000.

Someone forgot to fill the generator will gasoline (I am sure that happens to you all them time, right? It should make us so grateful for constant electricity that these smaller cities can’t even imagine.) so in the middle of worship the electricity to the soundboard cut out.  This lasted for some time. When it finally came back on Liat, one of our Israeli young ladies went up to exhort the crowd for ten minutes. She is a natural evangelist. However, after only a minute the sound went out. Then one microphone came on and she shared it with the interpreter. And then the sound went out again. I couldn’t believe that she kept her composure. She was really amazing.

On this night Eli Birnbaum brought the message and he did a great job of making the gospel clear. He was passionate and articulate. The people really responded and once again the vast majority raised their hands for salvation. I led the prayer for healing and once again the testimonies were amazing. We have all grown in our faith and I can’t wait for the other team members to write down some of their testimonies.

We were not supposed to personally lay hands on people, but I would just pray a general prayer for healing, but somehow the team started praying for people on the first or second night and it continued. The security allowed this, even though they are very protective of us. It was such a joy after the service to hear members of the team recounts stories of healings. Others were broken-hearted over those who were not healed. That is true compassion. It is not just about healing and miracles for the sake of seeing a miracle, as awe-inspiring as that is—it is about alleviating the suffering of the people and introducing them to a loving Father.

I encouraged the team with Luke 18, a parable that Yeshua taught so that we would “always prayer and never give up.” We saw a lot of healing and miracles and I am one who firmly believes that healing is the will of God. Yeshua NEVER refused healing to anyone! However, let’s face it—sometimes people we pray for don’t get healed immediately and I don’t have all the answers. Yeshua tells us to be like the widow who keeps coming after the unjust judge until she gets justice. That is how we should pray. Don’t get discouraged if your prayer is not immediately answered—there could be 100 reasons why. Keep praying, keep knocking, keep asking!

Here are some highlights from the evening service:

This formally lame muslim is now a walking believer!

This formally lame muslim is now a walking believer!

  • A Muslim man who was unable to walk for four months received healing prayer from Eli and Freddy. Before they prayed he tried several times to stand, but each time would slump back in his seat. After some time, they paused from praying and then suddenly he jumped to his feet and started jumping around. This was behind the stage and I could see there was some commotion as everyone was rejoicing in amazement. The fellow was jumping all over the place but I didn’t know why. Then I saw his cane in his hand, and his hand was in the air.We brought him up on stage and he shared how God had healed him. I asked him, knowing he was a Muslim, if we would embrace Jesus as his savior and he joyfully said yes. The crowd erupted. Islam has money to buy people (from oil-rich nations), but they have no answer to revival preaching and the power of God.The skeptical mind immediately wonders if he was really lame. People knew this man, and Mike Moses was aware of exactly what village he was from. He was verifiably lame! And now he was walking!
  • Another man, the first of the evening, came up gleaming. He told us that his wife was due in October, but still hadn’t given birth! Last week she went to the doctor to get permission to go and have an ultrasound (Can you imagine needing to get permission when you are overdue by almost two months to get an ultrasound!?). However her bishop told her that a man of God was coming on Tuesday and that when he arrives, she will give birth. While I am not comfortable with such terminology (the truth is, a flea could get up and preach in this powerful atmosphere and have a revival), I understand that this is their culture. And God honored her faith. She stayed, and just as we came into town she went into labor. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Little “Ron” is doing just fine. Yes, he is the first human ever named after me.

We can’t thank you enough for your prayers. This is a team effort and we greatly value your partnership. May the Lord bless you greatly!