Jamie Hilsden shakes hands with dozens of Nigerians through the open window on our bus as they greet our team upon arrival in Gombi.

Eli Birnbaum is one of the assistant leaders of the Isaiah 2 Initiative. Below he shares his thoughts on after our first outreach.

It’s been 7 days since we returned from Gombi, Nigeria. To be honest, I am still digesting the experience. God is building His kingdom in Gombi. We were a team of 18. It took us a whole day to reach Gombi, traveling through Abuja and Yola.

In Yola we were greeted by 20 local pastors. Expectations were high. After a good nights sleep we embarked to Gombi. Soon we learned that we would be receiving a kingly welcome in 4 cities. Nothing could prepare us this welcome. We felt mixed emotions as hundreds of people greeted us in each city. They were welcoming guests that had come with a mission to spread the gospel. We were received as guests of honor by the Muslim mayors and kings. They all thought it significant that Jews had come to visit them. They knew we were bringing blessing.

At moments I thought to myself what do we have to offer, we have never done anything like this. I comforted myself with the fact that what we bring is the message of truth that is supposed to be backed up in power. That evening we were welcomed by about 40 pastors for a celebratory dinner. We danced and rejoiced as we were given gifts.

The next day the campaign started. The first night was the hardest because the lighting was not setup right and the crowd was far from the stage. But even on the first night the move of God was apparent. His work kept growing each night. We also met each morning with the campaign workers for a “fire conference” where we taught about being equipped for revival. Ron spoke each morning. Freddy and I got to speak also in the mornings and were blessed to see God move.

Starting on the second night the whole team got to pray for the sick people that found there way to the stage area. Many of us, myself included, witnessed people healed as we prayed for them. I got to share for ten minutes on the third night and did a full gospel message on the 4th night. On the last day of the campaign we all visited  local churches and ministered.

We were received very well in Gombi and the surrounding cities. Each night anywhere between 15 to 30 thousand people heard the gospel. Almost none of them left without acknowledging Yeshua as Lord. It was hard to know who was saved before since everybody seemed to raise their hands and accept Yeshua. We saw dozens of healings including, diabetes, cancer, lameness, blindness, typhus and more. We all exeperienced the power of the Gospel when preached with boldness to an attentive crowd. It was amazing. It was life changing. I am expectant to see God move in Israel as well. Since we’ve returned I have had numerous opportunities to share the Gospel like never before—because of the stories I have to tell. I have been asked to pray for the sick and will do so.

Thank you so much for helping us do this! You have no idea what an impact has been made in Gombi, in our personal lives, and soon to be seen in the body of Messiah in Israel.

Eli Birnbaum