Jamie, making friends in Gombi.

The following is a personal testimony from Jamie Hilsden. Jamie is a talented musician and worship leader. He did a great job of introducing the people of Gombi to several Israelis worship songs.

It was amazing for me to see what can happen when people truly hunger for God.  When people come to God expectantly, that’s when God shows up.  We had the privilege of seeing this first-hand.  We saw a whole new side of what God can do, and still does.  Africans have so much to teach us about understanding our spiritual reality.  In Israel we brush the spiritual world under the carpet and try to ignore it.  In Africa they tackle it head-on, and sometimes it isn’t pretty, but God works in that kind of environment in ways we can’t imagine in our materialistic society.  I hope more and more young Israelis get a chance to experience this reality like we did.

Jamie Hilsden

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