Message From Ron Cantor

Founder, Messiah’s Mandate International

Messianic Jews from Israel and Nigerians Dance Traditional Jewish Circles Dance (Hora)

Shalom everyone. Even as the New Year approaches, Yeshua has filled us with fresh vision. Gombi was dream fulfilled. I have never ministered in such an atmosphere of faith and power. And what an honor to be surrounded by a team of fired-up fellow Israeli believers. But that is already in the past. It is time to move forward.

Just as the Lord had told me in that hotel room in Lagos, Nigeria on February 13th earlier this year, “If you bring young Israelis to Nigeria, they will return to Israel changed,” it happened. The greatest miracles we saw came, not as I was praying, but as our team prayed for people. This is the vision of Messiah’s Mandate: To raise up leaders for the coming Israeli revival.

Moving forward means getting ready for Ukraine 2010. The Isaiah 2 Team will go to western Ukraine and do what we can to reach a city. Kemenets-Podolsky is not just any city, this is the city that Hitler choose to be the first area to experience his final solution. 23,000 Jews were mass murdered in this once heavily Jewish city.

Despite pogroms, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, there are still 5,000 Jews in this city who desperately need to hear the gospel preached in its original Jewish context. You can send our team to reach them with your generous year-end donation. These are the physical brothers of Yeshua that he speaks of in Matthew 25 when He asks if we reached out to the least of them. They are poor and persecuted. They are hungry and in need of the freedom that only Yeshua can bring.

When our team leaves at the end of the outreach, there will be a brand new Messianic congregation. Thanks to our partners at the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute in Odessa, Ukraine, there is a hungry young couple ready to lead this new work. In addition, we will be working with local churches in the city to receive the new believers that are not Jewish. We just need you to send us.

The Old City and Caslte in Kemenets-Podolsky

One day Yeshua will look at you and say, “You did it for the least of my brethren! Enjoy your eternal reward.” To partner with us online or to go to our US support address, just click: Ukraine 2010 Partner!

God bless you and Happy New Year!!!