Dear Friends,

This is our family in 1998 in our apartment in Ukraine.

2010 is upon us and while 2009 was the most prosperous year of ministry we have ever had, there is no time to look back. In Hebrew we say, “Kadima” … Onward!

Tomorrow morning at 6AM I will fly to Kiev, Ukraine to make preparations for our spring Messianic Outreach in Kemenets-Podolsky. As I have shared with you, this was the first city to experience Hitler’s Final solution, as 23,000 Jews were murdered there. Now, as Jewish believers, we are coming from Israel (which didn’t even exist during the war!) to bring the 5,000 Jews who still remain there, the Life of Messiah—and to as many of the 95,000 Gentiles who live there that we can reach.

Our partners in this effort, the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute in Odessa, have already sent a couple to this city to prepare for the outreach and the birthing of a new Messianic congregation. Freddy Intrater and I will travel by train (nothing like an overnight stay in an Ukrainian train!) from Kiev and meet with pastors and leaders in the city.

Elana and one of the ladies that worked at the MJBI Soup Kitchen.

But first, I will be speaking at a national gathering of Messianic leaders from all over Ukraine (and some from Russia and Belarus). This is very exciting for me, as our family once lived in Ukraine for a year and some of these pastors were in the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute where I taught. Vadim and Fayina who lead the Berdichev congregation that we planted in 1999, will be there as well.

How 'bout that hat! I wish I still had it to take with me on this trip.

In Israel there is already much interest in young adults who want to join with us in this effort. Not to be redundant, but the two motivations that drive me are outreach and raising up young leaders. The Nigerian outreach confirmed what I already knew: that taking young adults to work in an overseas short-term outreach is one of the most effective ways to see them rise up a few notches in faith, character, perseverance, love, prayer, passion and more!

Sasha, my interpreter, gassing up on the way from Odessa to Kiev.

In Israel we have many believers here who are fluent in both Russian and Ukrainian. They will be a great asset on this trip.

I want to ask you for prayer while I am on this trip. Will you take a few minutes each day during the next week and prayer?

  • Pray for grace and favor with all the leaders with whom we will be meeting—both in Kiev and Kemenets-Podolsky.

    A Chanukah meal with the students of the MJBI in 1998.

  • Pray for protection and timely schedules for me and Freddy as we travel (in planes, trains and automobiles!).
  • Please pray for Elana and our girls here in Israel, that they would be blessed and protected.
  • Pray for all the finances needed to cover this trip—about $2,000.
  • Pray that God would open up many doors, even on this trip, for me to share about God’s work here in Israel with as many people as possible, and pray that He would anoint me to do so.

Thank you dear friends. We could not do this without you! Your partnership in this vision of raising up leaders for the coming Israeli revival is essential. I’ll will try and send a report from Ukraine.

Bless you!!!

To the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8)

Ron Cantor