My old front door 🙂

Deribasovskaya street, the famous Walking Street in Odessa, where we lived

The old steps that we once called Mount Stinkmore have been redone that lead to my apt.

My old address, 19 Deribosovskya Steet, Apt 4a

Church in Odessa

City Center

I think this is where our congregation used to meet.

Fred in the corner

More architecture

Too bad it wasn't sunny

I can't believe how resored the city is.

More color in the city

One of the renovated squares

Amazing 1800s Architecture

Colorful Crosswalk

Me, trying to get the picture taken before getting run over!

Road Work

Odessa Renovations

The courtyard in my apartment building

The is the McDonalds that was build ten years ago right next to my apartment

Wifi in Odessa!

Bakery on the Walking Street

Bakery on the Walking Street

A Church

Pensioners Play Checkers under a covering in the cold rain


Odessa Architecture

Meat Market

Cow Tongue anyone?


Dogs freely roam in the meat market.

Fish (I think!) in the Market