Dear Friend,

Your prayers are being answered and your giving has not been in vain!

It is Sunday evening and my eyelids are asking my brain for permission to close up shop for the night. I am so pleased with how things are going! While the main part of this trip is the outreach in Chemelnitsky, we have been busy ministering in different messianic congregations and churches.

Shabbat morning we were back in Odessa, the city where we lived for a year in 98/99. It has changed so much. I was here in January, but for Sharon and Elana it was the first time they have been here in 10 years. They were overwhelmed. The city is beautiful with its cobblestone streets and pre-communism architecture. Old gray buildings have been restored to their original beauty. What hasn’t changed is the hunger for God that the people display here.

In both services, Saturday and Sunday, our Israeli worship team taught Ukrainian believers songs in Hebrew. Both Jamie Hilsden and Avi Goldman did an excellent job of getting the people involved in singing and worshiping despite speaking a foreign language. Even with the cultural barrier there was such a strong anointing.

Miri, our only Russian-speaking Israeli shared a powerful testimony of how she immigrated to Israel at 18 as an unbeliever seeking a better life. Her mother began to witness to her, but only when she realized she had a tumor in her leg did she begin to seek the Lord. She received complete supernatural healing and then came to faith. Being the only team member who knows both Hebrew and Russian, she interpreted for several team members as they shared in Hebrew.

After we preached the word, the power of God touched the people. Some with demons were delivered, and dozens were refreshed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Many on our team had never laid hands on people, but God moved mightily through them and they were amazed.

Our daughter Sharon turned 21 yesterday, so we went to a beautiful restaurant in a courtyard, facing the Opera House. It was really amazing. It was like a scene in Paris, except the price was about 90% cheaper! Just a few dollars will buy you dinner in a nice restaurant. Most of all, Sharon and the whole team really enjoyed the time together.

This morning (now Monday) we ministered at the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute. Afterward we had a team meeting, where Avi, one of our young leaders, debriefed the group on what happened yesterday when God moved through them. As excited as they were, they had questions. This led to a great discussion on how to pray for people and release the presence of God. This is what the Isaiah 2 Initiative is all about: Discipling Israelis in an atmosphere of Revival!

Tomorrow we head to Chemelnitsky for the outreach. Believers are already there handing out invitations to the festival, and others from different cities will come to support it. Worship teams and dance troupes from other Ukrainian Messianic congregations will join with us in seeking to reap a Jewish harvest in this city.


Thank you! We could not be here without your partnership. You are a part of the Isaiah 2 Initiative. Bless you all from Ukraine!

To the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8),

Ron Cantor

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