How would you like to play a powerful part in this outreach—or should I say pray a powerful part? Please keep reading.

We arrived in Chemelnitsky at 2:40 AM this morning. It became clear after we arrived that the enemy had been stirred up. The pastor’s car of the Messianic congregation that is hosting the festival outreach completely stopped working. Furthermore, several people in the congregation were having conflicts connected to the outreach. It was clear that others were dealing with various trials.

Jamie Hilsden leads worship in pre-Outreach meeting in Chemelnitski

This is par for the course. The enemy doesn’t take these things lying down. Why would he want an outreach to the Jewish people of this city to be successful? Trials, temptations and tribulations are part of the believing life according to Yeshua (Matthew 13, parable of the sower).  But if we keep our hearts pure nothing can stop the move of God. The great evangelist Charles Finney said that outside forces can’t stop a move of God; only when the body begins to turn on each other and tolerate jealousy, pride, gossip and the like can a revival be hindered.

We had a meeting tonight with the congregation where we were able to encourage the people with these thoughts. Once again our worship team from Israel was so endearing to the people. They just entered in. I am so pleased and proud of how God has prepared them and is using them.

We shared a word on the fact that we have to fight back. God has given us authority (Luke 10:19) and we must use it. This led to a powerful time of warfare prayer. When it was over we prayed for pastor Roman and his wife Natasha. Roman was so touched by the power of God he could barely stay on his feet. I could see that he needed this refreshment as he has been carrying the weight of this festival for months. Afterwards he just sat in a chair overwhelmed by the presence of God.

Then our team prayed for all those gathered. When the meeting was done there was a sense that we had broken through—but only for tonight. Tomorrow is a new day, and we must take up arms again and continue to contend for the entire outreach.

I want to ask you if you would consider taking 30 minutes over the next two days (Thursday and Friday) and pray for this outreach. If we can get a few hundred people across the globe that bear witness to this cause to intercede with us, it can make a huge difference. Prayer does change things! Your prayers can bring Jewish people to Yeshua! And don’t forget that there will be many non-Jews coming to this outreach.

Please pray:

  1. For unity amongst all the leaders, both Ukrainian and Israeli.
  2. Against EVERY ATTACK of the enemy—spiritual and physical.
  3. For the families of all who are involved (and please remember Yael and Danielle, our daughters who are in Israel) for divine protection.
  4. For SOULS! Pray that Jews and non-Jews from all over the region pack out the facility. Pray that once there, the gospel will break through all the hardness and blindness that has enslaved them all their lives.
  5. We have lots of different worship teams and dance troupes involved: please pray that everyone gets along, and walks in the fruit of the Spirit and puts the kingdom first.
  6. Against all opposition to these meetings. There is a possibility the leading rabbi could seek a legal right to shut us down.
  7. For good weather. I woke up to sunlight beaming through the window. But in just the last hour, storm clouds have moved in. In a country where many don’t have cars and can’t afford taxis, weather can be the difference. Pray for clear skies.
  8. For ANOINTING on all the speakers and interpreters as the gospel goes forth.

Thank you so much for taking your stand with us as we seek to contend for the gospel of Yeshua the Messiah here in Ukraine. We look forward to sending out a good report at the conclusion of the outreach!