Dear Friends,

When some of the team members told me that it was packed, I really thought they were joking. I went out to see and the entire lower section and most of the balcony was full! Over 600 were in attendance.

Before the Outreach

The first night was really perfect! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! The rain stopped just in time for the meeting.

People in this part of the world love to celebrate their heritage. And Jewish life and culture is part of the tradition here. The goal of the first night was to celebrate Jewish life in Ukraine and Israel. We had professional Messianic dancers, music groups, several amazing musician, skits and of course our team of musicians from Israel—which they loved.

During the Outreach

My message was purposely not evangelistic but more prophetic and historical. I shared on “A Land, A Language and Liberty.” I spoke on points 1 and 2 last night—the miracle of the nation of Israel and the resurrection of the Hebrew language. I invited everyone to come back tonight to hear about Liberty!

What we didn’t know was the Ukrainian KGB was there as well. They questioned Roman,the host of the conference and the leader of the Messianic congregation. They wanted to know why we were offering a free concert…of course tonight we will offer more than a free concert, but the free gift of God, eternal life. It only proved the low-key strategy correct, as they would have shut us down. After tonight, it doesn’t really matter. We will be on a bus to Berdichev for ministry tomorrow.

Tonight we will proclaim the good news of Messiah in power!

Next Shabbat the Messianic congregation will host a special meeting for newcomers. They printed 50 invitations and already more than that want to come. Hallelujah—this was our goal, not just to come here and minister, but to build up the local congregation.

Below are the same prayer points from yesterday.

Please pray:

  1. For unity amongst all the leaders, both Ukrainian and Israeli.
  2. Against EVERY ATTACK of the enemy—spiritual and physical.
  3. For the families of all who are involved (and please remember Yael and Danielle, our daughters who are in Israel) for divine protection.
  4. For SOULS! Pray that Jews and non-Jews from all over the region pack out the facility. Pray that once there, the gospel will break through all the hardness and blindness that has enslaved them all their lives.
  5. We have lots of different worship teams and dance troupes involved: please pray that everyone gets along, and walks in the fruit of the Spirit and puts the kingdom first.
  6. Against all opposition to these meetings. There is a possibility the leading rabbi could seek a legal right to shut us down.
  7. For good weather. I woke up to sunlight beaming through the window. But in just the last hour, storm clouds have moved in. In a country where many don’t have cars and can’t afford taxis, weather can be the difference. Pray for clear skies.
  8. For ANOINTING on all the speakers and interpreters as the gospel goes forth.

Thank you so much for taking your stand with us as we seek to contend for the gospel of Yeshua the Messiah here in Ukraine. We look forward to sending out a good report at the conclusion of the outreach!